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So Halloween is around the corner and though at first I was reluctant to go out this year... I find myself getting a little urge in making the night out of it! After all we've had a beautiful autumn and I want to end it off on a good note! 

So I guess you can say Im blaming it on the fact that the weather is getting a little colder and being around others will warm up the heart a little haha!

And on that note check out the 5 reasons we've listed below as to why you should join us on Gatenight to celebrate Halloween at Scream! 


5. If its one thing I’ve learned from festivals… Costumes and dance music go hand in hand! So you can naturally get down into your most creative, funny or shocking outfit and come join in on the spectacle!

4. This event is going till 5am! So riddle me this… How many other events on the weekend will allow you to dance until the wee hours in the morning? Make sure to wear comfortable shoes for this marathon! 

3. The Wheelies venue allows you to get right into the mix upfront in the crowd and allow you room to cool off as well. You won’t feel congested if you need space to groove (geared to those of you that decide to wear intricate costumes and make up)! Be sure to take water breaks if you are feeling a sauna in your costume!

2. The DJ line-up is super diverse and fun! There is a sweet punch of bass, progressive, electro and big room! Everyone can admit how great Project 46 threw down at Therapy earlier this year and that Moguai is going to send us on a feels trip with his wide range of sound! Bass heads rejoice for Dr. Ozi won't be holding back! And we can't forget all the local DJ's looking to put on a show for you!

1. My number one reason is the VIBE! Scream has been around for over 10 years and has actually brought together a large group of people who regularly attend annually. New faces join in on the fun every year as well! Last year, for the night of Audien, not only did I shake his hand from the dance floor while he was jumping around on stage, I had a blast singing along with everyone right up at the front to his infamous remix of Pompei! No one can deny the fun you have dancing and meeting new people based on the pure joy of music and atmosphere! This is what Scream gives us, year after year! 

Lastly, Just a friendly reminder to remind everyone to make sure to bring out your biggest smiles and dancing shoes!!!  Looking forward to seeing the amazing crowd as we dance away and summon spirits on gate night! :D


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Peace, Love, Unity, Respect


Aman S.

AuthorAman Sidhu